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This section is intended to provide the main information about the wireless unit operation. 

The Dashboard displays a read-only summary of the current link status information, local and remote device signal strength, capacity for downlink and uplink, current values of the basic configuration settings and Ethernet network status.

Modulation code scheme

On Quanta 5 device, modulation and coding schemes are selected independently for each channel (uplink and downlink) for both polarizations. Current modulation for each channel is displayed in the MCS subsection.

Received signal strength indicator

The RSSI indicator displays the received signal level for each channel (uplink and downlink) and both polarizations. Available values:

  • -90...-80 dBm - close to the receiver sensitivity level, only the lowest modulations are available. 
  • -80...-60 dBm - average input range.
  • -60...-40 dBm - the recommended range for achieving best performance.
  • >-40 dBm - input signal level is too high.


Error vector magnitude - indicator of the measured input signal quality, telling how far are the received constellation symbols compared to the ideal symbols of the constellation. The parameter value must be as high as possible in absolute value. 

The recommended level should be less than -21 dB.

Retries and Frame loss

Retried and lost packets need also to be tracked. Retries should tend to zero, link with the retries value more than 5% should not be allowed to operation.

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