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Use this command to handle the GPS/GLONASS-receiver.


#1> gps [options] [command]

    -t=<level>  - turn trace level (1, 2 or 0 - turn trace off)
 	-a[=(0:1)]  - turn the power on the antenna amplifier
	-p=<port>   - set TCP port for service (2323 by default)
    -s=<baudrate|0>  - set baud rate for GPS NMEA port (0 - set 115200)
    -c=<con_mask>    - set current constellation:
                  1  - GPS
                  2  - GLONASS
                  3  - GPS+GLONASS

    start       - start GPS service
    stop        - stop  GPS service
    coordinates - show  GPS coordinates
    console     - map GPS NMEA port to stdin/stdout
    tcp         - map GPS NMEA port to TCP service
    stat        - show GPS statistics
    clear       - clear GPS statistics



Configure event logging

  • "2" – to log all the NMEA-messages from the GPS/GLONASS-receiver
  • "1" – to log only the messages about discovering / loss of the GPS/GLONASS-receiver, about the changing of the quantity of detected satellites or about substantial changes of coordinates, etc.
  • "0" – event logging is off

Enables / disables the power supply to the antenna amplifier (if one is available):

  • "1" - to enable the power supply (is used by default, if the value is not specified)
  • "0" - to disable the power supply


Sets the TCP port for receiving debugging information. 2323 is set by default.


Sets the baud rate of the GPS NMEA port.

  • "baudrate" - the rate value.
  • "0" - sets the value to 115200.


Satellite navigation system selection:

  • "1" - GPS
  • "2" - GLONASS
  • "3" - GPS+GLONASS
Table - Command "gps" options




Start the GPS service operation


Stop the GPS service operation


View information about the GPS/GLONASS-receiver status and its operation statistics

Command output example,

#1> gps coordinates
Satellites: 8
LAT/LONG:   56.811911/60.547041
Altitude:   275.89
HDOP:       0.92
FIX:        3D, GLONASS
Total GPS time: 17:43:19
Total nonvalid time: 00:00:01(0%)
Number of losses: 0 
Now coordinates are valid last 17:43:18
Satellites histogram:
   2.0 +
   3.0 +
   4.0 +
   5.0 +
       | <1%
   6.0 +
       | 1%
   7.0 +      
	   |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 99% 
SATmin= 5 SATmax= 10
    • "Satellites" - quantity of currently visible satellites
    • "LAT/LONG" - geographical coordinates of the receiver in degrees:
      • "LAT" - latitude from -90.0000000° to +90.0000000°
      • "LONG" (longitude) - longitude from -180.0000000° to +180.00000°
    • "Altitude" - altitude in meters
    • "HDOP" - horizontal dilution of precision


It is recommended to use values of “HDOP” parameter up to 1.5 for reliable global timing synchronization.

    • FIX - NO FIX|2D|3D, <unknown>|GPS|GLONASS|GPS+GLONASS – the current position-fix status in the following view: <current fix mode>, <system>. The following values of <current fix mode> are available:
      • "NO FIX" - coordinates are not fixed
      • "2D" – only latitude and longitude are fixed
      • "3D" – latitude, longitude and altitude are fixed.

The following values of <system> (currently used GNSS) are available:

      • GPS
      • GLONASS
      • GPS+GLONASS.

The next block of information is the statistics (to obtain these data without information about status of GPS/GLONASS-receiver you can use "gps stat" command instead).

    • "Total GPS time" — total time of GPS utility operation since it was started by "gps start" command
    • "Total nonvalid time" – total time during which the information about coordinates was unavailable
    • "Number of losses" — quantity of cases when the information about coordinates had become unavailable
    • "Now coordinates are valid last …" - time of GPS utility operation since last coordinates discovering
    • "Satellites histogram" - the histogram of visible satellites quantity
    • "SATmin" и "SATmax" — minimum and maximum of visible satellites respectively (since the last time you cleared the statistics)


Displays an information in GPS NMEA format, is used for debugging. The GPS/GLONASS-receiver should be stopped
tcpAn information in the GPS NMEA format is transmitted to the TCP port assigned earlier by the "-p" parameter. The GPS/GLONASS-receiver should be stopped

View GPS/GLONASS-receiver operation statistics(without the status information)


Reset the statistics data

Table - "gps" command arguments


Please note, that "tcp" and "console" commands and "-p" and "-s" options are used for diagnostics and debugging on emergency by specialists only.